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Vision and Values

The Hinckley Sixth Form is an educational community that promises high quality outcomes and experiences for all of our students. We have the highest aspirations and work to guarantee the best possible academic experience, combined with exciting enrichment opportunities. 

There is a welcoming, purposeful atmosphere in our dedicated Post 16 Centre that encourages hard work and high attainment. Our committed and approachable team create a supportive platform for young people to succeed both academically and personally. Our experience team get to know each and every student as an individual,  so no-one gets lost in the crowd.

By challenging, motivating and inspiring our students, they strive and thrive to be the very best they can be.

It is our mission to ensure that each and every student is well-prepared for their onward destination, be that university, employment or a high level apprenticeship. We thrive on supporting our students’ aspirations and constantly aim to inspire, challenge and support them as they chase their dreams. With their own hard work and the commitment of our team, year after year our students achieve amazing things. 

Outside the classroom we offer a wealth of activities and societies for students to join, including positions of responsibility throughout the whole school. We provide our students with experiences they need to develop into confident young people who can make the most of life’s challenges and opportunities and have built a provision that allows our students leave us with treasured memories. 

Our Values are clear and lived by all our staff:

Students First: All staff, governors and parents focused upon the education of all our students. Academic achievement is at the heart of all we do and we are committed to providing students with an exceptional education.

It’s about Learning: Students, all staff, governors and parents are focused upon developing and improving the learning of students. We provide a high-quality curriculum and learning experience so that learning is at the forefront of all our minds. No Barriers: We want to remove barriers and offer support, to ensure students, all staff, governors and parents maximise the academic achievement of students whilst enabling them to develop and flourish as well-rounded individuals.

Our values are at the heart of all of our decision-making to ensure we provide the very best education and experience for the students at The Hinckley Sixth Form. 

Equality Objectives

The Hinckley Sixth Form, part of The Hinckley School are committed to Building Brighter Futures for our students, our staff and our community. This commitment includes targeted action to address inequality and ensure disadvantaged groups are proactively supported to access the educational opportunities we offer.

We are working towards six Equality Objectives:

  1. To narrow the progress and attainment gaps in English and Maths for disadvantaged students and for those identified as having barriers to their learning including SEND, CLA and pCLA so they are in line with national average.

  2. To provide high quality provision and strong support (academic; attendance, behaviour and well-being) for students who have the most significant gaps in their learning as a result of the pandemic, with a particular focus on students in Years 10 and 12, so achievement is at least in line with national average.
  3. To improve the attendance rates and reduce the persistent absence of all students and in particular disadvantaged students and for those identified as having barriers to their learning including SEND, CLA and pCLA, so they are in line with national average.
  4. To increase student aspiration and equality of opportunity through high quality teaching and learning, careers advice and guidance and enrichment opportunities to maximise positive destinations and reduce NEET.
  5. To ensure that all students and staff are aware of the protected characteristics, embed a culture tolerance and respect, and ensure there is no bias, discrimination or prejudice towards these groups resulting in a reduction of negative incidents.
  6. To ensure staff well-being and welfare are a high priority in the decision-making processes resulting in a highly satisfied and committed workforce.