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Meet the Team

The Hinckley Sixth Form team is committed to student success and work with students every step of the way. Our dedicated sixth form team work closely with a network of sixth form tutors to offer wrap around support.

We understand the importance of building good relationships with students and families and all staff work in a highly collaborative and supportive way.

All members of our Leadership Team have significant responsibility for embedding appropriate strategies and resources, to enable us to achieve our vision.

  • Headteacher: Lisa Hickman
Our Dedicated Sixth Form Team:
  • Director of Post 16 (Assistant Headteacher) : V Bull
  • Director of KS5 : M Boast
  • KS5 Pastoral Leader: P Tomkins
  • SENDCO: G Birks
Senior Leadership Team:
  • Deputy Headteacher: M Thomas
  • Deputy Headteacher: D Wood
  • Assistant Headteacher and Director of KS3: A Fawkner
  • Director of Inclusion and SENDCO: G Birks (SENDCO Contact -
  • Assistant Headteacher and Director of Post 16: V Bull
  • Director of Safeguarding and Student Welfare (DSL): K Priestnall  
  • Assistant Headteacher, Careers and PSHE: M Boast
  • Assistant Headteacher and Director of The Bridge: C James 
  • Operations Manager: J Clark
Heads of Department:
  • English and Media: H Foers
  • Maths: I Morris
  • Science: C Smith
  • History: L Beale
  • EPM: T Dutchman
  • Social Science: N Kelly 
  • Geography: W Hillier
  • Business Studies and Economics: V Bull
  • Performing Arts: K Cook
  • IT and Computer Science: C Holmes
  • Art: K Webster 
  • Design and Technology and Food:  P Pitchford 
  • Modern Foreign Languages: A Garcia
  • Physical Education: A Barnacle
  • Uniformed Protective Services: S Hayto