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We are proud to offer a wide variety of A Level and Level 3 BTEC courses here at The Hinckley Sixth Form and work with each student to develop a sixth form pathway that suits their skills, interests, and aspirations for the future. Courses are led by subject specialists who are highly regarded in their fields, including teaching staff with doctorates, experience working within leading roles in industry or having received awards for their work.

A wide variety of A Level and BTEC courses taught by leading subject specialists 

The majority of our students study three A Level or BTEC Level 3 subjects. However, some, who have achieved high grades at GCSE and who would find it useful for their future plans, study four subjects from the start of Year 12. Our expert team work with students every step of the way to ensure that their subjects are the best fit for their future. At The Hinckley Sixth Form, students can combine both A Level and BTEC courses to create their own personalised pathway to success. 

Our extensive course list allows students to create a bespoke combination of courses tailored to their aspirations, without pigeonholing themselves by only studying one subject. Whether students arrive knowing exactly what industry they want to work in, or use their two years with us to develop a career plan and clear direction, having the opportunity to combine up to four courses and being awarded multiple qualifications can give students the edge when it comes to university and industry applications. 

To read more about our KS5 course content and our student's seven-year journey through the curriculum, please visit The Hinckley School website by clicking here.