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The Duchess of Malfi at The Globe Theatre

Year 13 English Literature students enjoyed a candlelit production of The Duchess of Malfi.

On Friday evening, Mr Wood, Ms Cook and Mr Boast took Year 13 English Literature students to The Globe Theatre in London to see a candlelit production of John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi.

As one of the examination texts students are studying for their A-Levels, it was powerful to see the play brought to life by an incredible cast. After a leisurely walk along the South Bank, the students were particularly impressed by the production, especially the portrayal of the Duchess and of her evil twin brother, Ferdinand, who both struck the delicate balance of humour and tragedy in the way Webster would have intended. The students also commented on how effectively the stagecraft enhanced the storyline.

With several students studying both English Literature and Drama it was a pleasure to welcome Ms Cook on the trip – her second evening at the theatre in succession – and a huge thank you to Mr Boast for joining us and for being our driver.

In a world where digital media is so dominant, it is humbling to experience live theatre and to share it with students who appreciate The Arts.

- Mr Wood, Deputy Headteacher