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Sharing in the experience of Ramadan -'The Big Fast'

Students and staff enjoyed sharing in the experience of Ramadan during our community event. 

Before the Easter break we held assemblies on the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan with students in all year groups, as part of our cultural enrichment programme. The assemblies answered questions including, ’What is Ramadan?’, ‘When is Ramadan?’, ‘Why do Muslims fast?’ and ‘What do Muslims do in Ramadan?’.

Afterwards, staff, students and their families were offered the opportunity to share in the experience of Ramadan, which started for Muslims around the world on March 11th, by taking part in a 1-day fast from dawn to dust, before attending our ‘breaking of fast’ event in the Library. The evening ‘Big Fast’ event was a fantastic community celebration that brought everyone together as they enjoyed food together, including samosas and spring rolls.

We would like to thank everyone who worked hard to organise the ‘Big Fast’ and those who took part for making it such a wonderful event.