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PE Students Design Knowledge Retrieval Games

Students got creative and competitive in their latest A-Level PE lesson!

Our sixth form PE students have been working on new ways to recap their latest topic - Ergogenic Aids. The topics covered areas including, Anabolic Steroids, Blood Doping, Composition & Timing of Meals, Carbohydrate/Glycogen Loading and Caffeine, with the class designing their own board games and quizzes to help their knowledge recall. Breaking off into groups, students enjoyed revising in fun new ways and getting competitive with their classmates.

Mr Barnacle was impressed with the students' engagement during the lesson and their independence and creativity during the design part of the exercise.

Click on the file at the bottom of this page to learn more about their current topic Ergogentic Acids : 




Click on the file below to learn more about their topic Ergogentic Acids :